Founded and governed by physicians, IPS is committed to supporting physician-directed healthcare and strong physician-patient relationships. We invest our time and resources in technology so you can invest your time and resources in patient care. Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large practice, our secure, reliable, affordable information technology, financial services and operational solutions mean you and your staff can leave the office knowing that your operations are updated and ready for the next day’s appointments.

All of IPS’s services are designed as solution-focused services to offer you the best of both worlds – a staff that can focus on you and your patients combined with state-of-the-art processes to keep your practice running smoothly – and profitably. And because we understand how practices really work, we speak the same language as your staff.

Our approachable team is available to answer questions in plain English, so that your staff gets the information they need to keep things running smoothly. Your practice benefits from reliable, efficient, affordable solutions. Your staff benefits from exceptional service, increased support and decreased stress. Your patients benefit from your ability to focus on medicine – not the nagging business issues.

Independent Physician Services
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