Healthcare Consulting Services: IPS provides cost effective consulting services for all aspects of your practice. Our initial consultations are typically free of charge. During the initial consultation, IPS will review the client’s need for the consultation to obtain a detailed understanding of the expectations of the client. IPS then prepares a proposal for the client outlining the deliverables from IPS.

IPS can facilitate the strategic planning process, including traditional analysis of the practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. IPS can help the practice set and define short and long-term goals and support the practice in achieving the goals.
Many practices will develop a new idea or opportunity for the practice, however they do not have the staff or the expertise to implement the idea successfully. IPS can analyze the opportunity, provide a business plan for the development, prepare a financial projection (pro-forma) and identify the potential risks and a plan to minimize the risks during the implementation.
IPS can work with the legal council and accountants to ensure the operational issues associated with the practice mergers are addressed and resolved before they cost the practice a significant loss of income or profits.
IPS can provide guidance to the practice to minimize the financial impact of the departing physician(s). Or, if appropriate, IPS can assist the departing physician with establishing a new practice.
IPS can provide the business plan, marketing assistance and operational plan to successfully expand the practice.
IPS can provide the assistance necessary to avoid the costly mistakes associated with starting a new practice.
IPS can work with the practice to develop a competitive recruiting package and assist with the management of the recruiting firms and related expenses, to minimize the cost of recruiting while maximizing the success of the recruiting effort
IPS can provide a complete risk assessment for the practice and provide an action plan for minimizing the risks identified.