Patient Financial Services: IPS provides complete billing services for medical practices of all sizes. Our processes ensure complete data capture, data error checks, insurance verification, claims processing, payment posting, secondary claims processing, patient billing, denial claims management and unpaid claims recovery.

IPS staff can verify the patient’s insurance coverage prior to the patient visit giving the staff the ability to update the insurance information at the time of visit. This process also allows the staff to collect the correct copayments and deductibles.
IPS provides access to a scheduler so we can track any missing tickets for the practice. IPS can also work with any existing scheduling software used by the practice, if the practice would prefer to keep their current scheduler.
IPS staff utilizes industry-leading software to ensure claims are free of common data errors and to ensure claims pass CCI claim edits.
IPS transmits all claims electronically to the primary payers and most secondary payers. IPS also uses claim-tracking software to ensure they are accepted by the payers for payment.
IPS posts most payments electronically, speeding up the process of moving balances to the secondary payers or, if appropriate, to the patient balance.
IPS transmits secondary claims electronically to all carriers with the ability to receive the claims in electronic format. This process speeds up the claims payment process and provides the practice with quicker cash flow.
IPS will run patient statements every week for cycle billing, or monthly depending on the needs of the practice.
IPS staff reviews all denials and work to eliminate inappropriate denials, avoiding unnecessary delays in payment.
IPS staff utilizes system reports to ensure all unpaid claims are reviewed and pursued for payment. IPS will work to ensure that every claim pays in accordance with the practice agreements with the payers.