What is the cost of access for EHR or practice management software?
Traditionally, the pricing is a monthly fee for each provider. However, since each practice is unique in its ownership and operations, we frequently develop pricing models to fit the specific needs of the practice.

Who owns the data?
The data remains the property of the provider(s) that generate(s) the data.

Is the network secure?
IPS utilizes the most current technology to ensure the security and confidentiality of your practices data and patient information.

Is there a back up for my data?
Yes. Data is backed up on a daily basis and secured in a safe location off site.

What is the reliability/availability of the connection?
While it is impossible for us to guarantee connectivity to the system, as we do not run or control the cable, phone or communication companies, we invest considerable resources in ensuring that our clients have reliable and consistent connection to our network.

Do we have benchmarks?
We can develop benchmarks based upon practice specifications, geographic location, and practice ownership type.

Do we provide accounting services?
Yes, we offer a variety of accounting services to fit your needs including purchasing assistance, invoice processing, bank statement reconciliation, accounts payable management, profit and loss statements and many more.

Can we assist in the recruitment process?
Yes. We can develop the hiring criteria, place the recruitment ads, and screen the applicants.

Do you code?
We do not provide the codes for the services. It is up to the office to document the code and submit to the insurance company.

Do you do follow-up?
Yes, we provide follow-up contact to insurance carriers when payment has not been received.

Do you do collections?
IPS with work with the agency of your choice to send the accounts to collections, build and maintain the required reports, post the collection payments, and oversee the entire collection process.

Do we provide onsite management?
Yes. We provide a manager for your office to manage on a day to day basis if this is the direction the practice would prefer.

Can we purchase just service needs or all inclusive?
Both are available for a fixed fee monthly or specific services are available on an hourly/project basis.